Whether you need a fence for a residential or commercial project, the reasons behind it are usually very similar. Commercial property owners are looking to bolster security and privacy while also enhancing their property’s curb appeal. As a top Georgia fence company, the pros at Dixie Fence Company understand the importance of investing in your business and so we are dedicated to helping you find the best fence to meet your company’s needs and budget.  

Top Douglas, GA Commercial Fence Options 

We understand that installing a new fence is a significant investment for our clients, so we will work with you and your budget to find the best style and material that fits your top needs and priorities. There are many commercial fencing options available, so depending on your preferred fence height, features, and accessories, we are sure we can find a match for you! We offer the following materials for commercial fences. 

Georgia Commercial Wood Fence

While wood fencing may not last as long as other types of commercial fencing, the fact that it is natural, attractive, and eco-friendly makes it a popular choice for business owners in Douglas, Georgia and the surrounding areas. A high-quality wood privacy fence can keep competitors from seeing your daily operations, keep out unwanted visitors, or simply provide a secure, enclosed area for your employees to have lunch or take breaks. A wood fence is warm, natural, and aesthetically pleasing, which makes it an excellent option for your next commercial project. 

Commercial Chain Link Fencing

Whether you own a large industrial company or a small, local “mom and pop,” a chain link fence is an easy-to-care-for and affordable option for business owners. A galvanized chain link fence will last upwards of 20 years, and its strength, durability, and longevity make it a great choice for any Georgia business property. If you prefer a more elevated look, then the option of black PVC coating will soften the appearance of your fence while providing extra protection against rust and corrosion. Another way to customize your fence is by weaving colored privacy slats that match your company colors through the fence’s mesh to keep assets out of view. 

Vinyl Fencing for Commercial Properties

Another great option for Douglas, Georgia commercial properties is vinyl fencing. Vinyl fencing comes in a variety of styles, from a classic picket fence to ranch rail to full privacy. Vinyl requires less maintenance than wood and looks less industrial than chain link, making it a nice option for many professional properties. Vinyl is also a great option for smaller spaces that need to be concealed, such as waste areas or outside storage spaces. Low maintenance, strong, affordable, and durable vinyl fencing is perfect for most commercial needs. 

Aluminum Provides an Upscale Aesthetic for Commercial Properties

Our aluminum fences are another great option and provide exceptional protection. An aluminum fence provides strength, durability, and security, along with being rust-resistant and attractive. They require very little maintenance and will not need to be resurfaced or repainted. All of these benefits make them a great choice for a Douglas, GA commercial fence. Aluminum fences are available in many styles, so check out our selection to find one that adds elegance and style to your business. 

Work With The Best Georgia Fence Company For Your Next Project

Dixie Fence Company is a top-rated Georgia fence company with vast experience in both residential and commercial fence installations. We are locally owned and operated, using only the best materials and providing excellent customer service to each and every client. 


When you purchase and install a brand new fence, we understand that you are making an investment in your business, so we stand behind every fence that we install, as well as manufacturer’s warranties on our vinyl and metal products.  

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