There are a lot of reasons why you might want to install an attractive and functional fence around your home. Whether it be obstructing the view of nosy neighbors, keeping your kids safe, or preventing the dog from chasing down squirrels, in your research you’ve probably come across the terms “privacy” and “semi-privacy” fence. But what do these phrases mean, and how do you know which type of fence is perfect for your property? Being a top-rated fencing contractor in Georgia, Dixie Fence Company is here to help you select the perfect fence, whatever your needs. Let’s take a look and see which style best fits your priorities.

What Are the Benefits of a Douglas, GA Privacy Fence?

A full privacy fence at its most basic provides a completely obstructed view of your property from the outside of your property. These fences are created using pickets that are placed right up against each other so they are flush without any gaps. Full-privacy fences have many other benefits in addition to blocking the view. Here are a few!

A Douglas, GA Privacy Fence Blocks Sound

Because a full privacy fence is effectively a solid barrier, it can muffle bothersome sounds such as loud music, traffic, or rowdy neighbors that come from outside of your yard. While a full-privacy fence won’t completely block out unpleasant sounds, a barrier between you and intrusive noises can create a more peaceful environment allowing you to better enjoy your outdoor space.

Full-Privacy Fences Are Typically Easier to Clean

The fact that full-privacy fences are constructed by either placing wood pickets directly next to one another or installing solid sheets of vinyl between posts, means that you have less surface area to clean and fewer hard-to-reach spaces to get to, like the areas between pickets. Being a top-rated fencing contractor in Georgia, we offer full-privacy fences in both vinyl and wood. These options can be seen online on our vinyl fence page or our wood fence page. Our fence installers have extensive experience constructing a wide range of full-privacy fencing options. 

Semi-Privacy Fencing

As the name suggests, semi-privacy fences offer a good deal of privacy but don’t go as far as a full privacy fence. Semi-privacy fences have some space between the pickets and generally offer more privacy than a decorative fence. Just like full-privacy fences, semi-privacy fences have their benefits. 

Airflow and Sunlight Can Pass Through

If you want to install a fence that allows for some air movement like a cool breeze in the summertime or leaves room for some sunlight to filter through while still adding a good deal of privacy, then a semi-privacy fence may be the perfect solution for you. The small spaces between pickets of a semi-privacy fence can help add light to your yard or outdoor living space. A nice breeze can make all the difference in the middle of a hot Georgia summer.

Semi-Privacy Fences Can Reduce the Feeling of Being Boxed In

Full-privacy fences are a great option for creating an enclosed space, but they can sometimes leave property owners feeling cut off from the outside world or too ‘boxed in’. However, the smaller spaces between pickets of a semi-privacy fence are perfect for allowing some visibility, making it possible to see trees or other natural features outside of your fence. Semi-privacy fences can create the privacy you desire without completely cutting you off from what’s going on outside of your property.


Semi-privacy fences present a good middle ground between a full Douglas, GA privacy fence and a purely decorative fence. We offer a variety of styles of semi-privacy fences in both vinyl and wood and chain link fences with PVC privacy slats. Privacy slats are long pieces of durable PVC that are woven into the chain link mesh to create a semi-private barrier, obscuring the view both looking in and out of your property. 

A Douglas, GA Privacy Fence or a Semi-Privacy Fence: Which One is Right For You?

Whether you want to fully enclose your property or leave it with a little more open feel, both full privacy and semi-privacy fences are attractive and sturdy and will provide benefits such as providing a barrier that gives you a level of privacy, and a safe area for your family and pets to safely play. 

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