Installing an effective security fence around your home or business property will go a long way toward protecting your home or business assets from burglary or damage. When your safety and security are at stake, all fences are not created equal. We’re here to help you to understand that the type of fence you choose, and the material they’re made of, matters a lot. 


There are many reasons our customers choose a security fence from DIxie Fence Company! In this article, we will highlight some of the best types of fencing materials to use to better protect your home or business.

Effective Security Fence Options

A security fence keeps your home and property safe by primarily deterring or delaying intruders. A typical privacy fence may be great for your home and will probably meet all your needs, especially if you live in residential areas where crime is relatively low. Commercial properties, however, normally require something a little different, such as a metal structure that both deters thieves and makes the fence unscalable. Commercial fences may include additional security features such as razor wire and spikes. Metal and chain link fences can provide good security and deterrence all while allowing maximum visibility.


The main priority for a security fence is to delay or deter an intruder by making it difficult for them to breach, giving you time to call for help. We know that no fence is impenetrable, and with the right tools, enough time, and a little patience, an intruder can penetrate even the toughest fence. So let’s look at some questions that are important for you to ask your Douglas, GA residential fence pros at Dixie Fence when choosing a security fence. 

Does Your Fence Provide Good Visibility?

When considering the style and materials for your security fencing, it’s best to avoid solid panel fencing that would block the view of the opposite side of the fence. It’s a good idea to have a clear view of your property so you can see if anyone is lurking around so you have the opportunity to call for help or investigate before they are able to breach the fence. Solid, tall fences provide places for intruders to hide, so they should be avoided.

Is the Fence Easy to Climb?

An effective security fence should be hard to climb. The taller the fence, the better your security and the less likely it is that an intruder will be able to scale it. Security fences are normally 54” tall. Most cities have ordinances that have restrictions on height for residential areas. If you find that you aren’t able to install a tall fence, there are other options, such as installing aluminum fencing with spikes or points to the top of your fence that will discourage potential intruders from climbing them. If you want horizontal rails as part of your fence design, make sure they are facing toward the inside of your property and the space between them doesn’t allow for people to gain an easy foothold.

Is the Fence Hard to Breach?

Most break-ins and instances of vandalism are opportunistic and motivated by how easy it is for an ill-intentioned person to enter and exit the property. A fence that is installed for security purposes should not be easy to go over, around, or under.  A good perimeter security fence installed by an experienced Douglas, GA fence company like Dixie Fence Company is secured to the ground, is long-lasting, cannot be easily cut, and completely surrounds the property. You should also consider including security gates and driveway gates to ensure that no opening is left open and vulnerable.


Here are some recommendations for effective security fences from top-rated Douglas, GA fence company, Dixie Fence:

1. Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is a favorite fence type for many homeowners, neighborhood associations, and commercial property owners. Aluminum fencing is tough and intruder-resistant yet provides great curb appeal. 


A well-made aluminum fence is durable, strong, and long-lasting. Aluminum fences are known to have the strength of wrought iron but have the benefit of being a lighter-weight fencing material. They’re more affordable than ornamental iron fencing and are built to last for life. Aluminum fencing isn’t affected by weather, wind, or insects and won’t rot, rust, or deteriorate. Quality aluminum fencing is manufactured with a protective powder coating, making this metal fencing virtually indestructible.


Maintenance for aluminum security fencing is minimal. Occasional cleaning is all that is needed to keep your aluminum fence in great condition. 

2. Chain Link Fence

Chain link fencing is somewhat effective at delaying entry to your property by intruders on its own. However, a typical chain link’s diamond-shaped holes are nearly 3 inches wide, which gives intruders an easy toe-hold for climbing. You may want to go with a smaller, tighter mesh, making it more difficult to climb. The 9 or 11-gauge steel wire can be cut with a hacksaw, bolt cutter, or even garden loppers. However, you can boost the effectiveness of your fence for business locations by the addition of barbed, razor, or electrical wire to the top of the fence, which will most definitely discourage would-be intruders from trying to scale the fence. 


You can also boost the strength of the wire fencing by increasing the thickness and style of the galvanized steel wires, with thicker wires providing enhanced security and durability. Choosing a taller fence height enhances the security of your property, and the chain link’s open visibility is also a plus. Another benefit of chain link fencing is its affordability. Many home and business owners choose chain link because it’s an effective yet budget-friendly option. 

Chain link fences are made of galvanized steel and, because of this, cannot be destroyed by pests or rot. There is also the option of purchasing a protective PVC coating in several colors that would add to the aesthetics of your fence as well as further protect your fence from wear and tear.


Other than occasionally sweeping off leaves and cobwebs, there is little that you need to do to maintain a chain link fence. Chain link does not attract dirt and debris, and it never needs painting or staining. This makes chain link an excellent choice for commercial properties and homeowners who want a low-maintenance fence option.

3. Wood and Vinyl

Even though both wood fencing and vinyl fencing are attractive and offer a great option for creating privacy and curb appeal, they are not typically a great option for security. While they meet the criteria for being difficult to scale or breach, they are not good for open visibility and provide opportunities for intruders to hide. 

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